While no one wants to exaggerate the problem of crime, we can find
ourselves in difficult situations from time to time.
It may be confronting a criminal, it may be a road-rage situation, it
may be bullying. 

Each situation calls for a different response. That’s why we take
an holistic approach to self defence and start with the one factor common
to all situations – you!

Can you manage the fear and adrenalin spike of a situation?
We teach fear control as a base. From there, we teach you how to move
freely and with focus, not to get locked in stances or “martial art” moves.

True self defence is based around awareness. We teach you to be
observant of your environment and the people around you.
Intuition is powerful but often ignored. We show you how to be guided
by it and act accordingly.

Alongside this, we teach a range of approaches to resolving conflict
and deescalating situations. Think of it as “verbal Judo”!

Finally, we teach physical responses for different situations.
From simple escapes through to dealing with strikes, weapons and so on.
We teach on a principle basis, as developed by high level military and
bodyguard operatives. Functional, direct, simple.

Also, we show you how these things can be used to protect friends
and family, so you can become your own bodyguard! 



Leicester E2 youth workers and local PCSOs,
Knife Awareness Training


Pad work.
Bedford Workshop



Close Protection Training



Britannia Security Course



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