Simply Flow is a health, fitness and well-being group based in North Beds. Our work is  based mostly around traditional Russian and  Chinese  practices.

Our classes are suitable for any age group or condition. Whether your interest is in fitness for sports,  meditation, stress control, or general health and well-being, we have something for everyone.

We offer a mix of live and on-line Zoom classes, plus a range of home-learning downloads


All of our training is based on solid principles of breathing, posture, relaxation and mobility. For these are the things we truly need to remain fully functional in our daily life. We view exercise as activity, the world as our gym!

We do not take a "numbers based" approach but instead work with you as an individual to help you regain your natural strength and mobility. Browse our site to see how we can help you to take charge of your own health!




Simply Flow Founder

Chief Instructor Robert Poyton began training in martial arts at a young age. At age 18 he began formal training in Chinese martial arts. Over the next 20 years he studied Tai Chi Chuan and associated health practises in great depth.

Since 2001 he has undergone intensive training in Systema, a unique Russian discipline of breathing and movement and is one of the few UK registered Instructors in the art.
For Systema  information please visit www.systemauk.com

Robert teaches regular classes in the UK as well as workshops throughout Europe. Recently he has taught in Germany, Finland, Italy and Spain. He has taught a wide range of people, from professional dancers  to military personnel  to fitness and health enthusiasts


Robert has appeared in numerous magazines and has produced his own range of books and films on health, fitness and self defence.
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