Fitness Over 40

Many people ask how they can maintain health and fitness as they age.
Gyms can be expensive and intimidating and many exercise programs focus solely on superficial looks.

The Simply Flow Program is all about regaining your body’s natural movement, building core strength, boosting your health and learning to manage stress and tension. This book covers all the foundation exercises of the Program, including -
Core Strength
Joint Mobility
Movement Chains
Resistance Training
Ground Movement
Mindfulness and Flow
Plus advice on diet, lifestyle, developing your own training routines and more.

Looking for a sensible long term exercise program that fits in with and enhances your lifestyle and activities?
Here it is!

Large paperback 126 pages
Fully illustrated 

The Eight Brocades

Qigong is an umbrella term for many forms of Chinese exercise, developed over hundreds of years. 

The Eight Brocades are a very popular qigong set. Comprising of eight simple movements, they provide a good, all-round gentle body workout.
The movements also combine with specific breathing patterns and visualisations to work the body’s internal systems. 
This also means they are a very good method for improving health, dealing with stress and developing mindfulness.

This book Poyton teaches you the complete Eight Brocades routine, plus some variations. It also details the historical background of the Eight Brocades and explains the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Requiring little space and easily adjusted to fit your personal circumstances, the Eight Brocades are a great routine for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being

Large paperback 100 pages 
Fully illustrated

Don't Worry!

Stress is unavoidable, we all suffer from it to some degree. In the UK alone, over 15 million work days a year are lost due to stress-related conditions.

This book is a practical guide to dealing with life’s stresses, large and small.
It shows you how to counter the physical effects of stress with simple breathing and movement.

It also outlines a range of lifestyle strategies for managing stress, including time management, sleep, diet, how to keep a journal, recognising stress triggers, developing a positive outlook and more. Links are included to MP3 downloads for visualisations and breathing exercises.

There are tips for dealing with grief, controlling pain and fear and conflict resolution. Plus  advice on dealing with deeper issues as well as guides to taking any of the methods explained further. 

An indispensable handbook for dealing with the kind of stress and tension that life throws at you every day. 
Stress is compulsory, suffering is optional!

Large paperback 172 pages 
Fully illustrated
Shipping late March

Simply Flow Books
£11.99 each, includes UK postage

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